Term & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Membership

  1. Applications are open to Malaysians, permanent residents of Malaysia and expatriates who stay and work in Malaysia only.
  2. All staff of TOMEI CONSOLIDATED BHD group and its subsidiaries are not eligible to apply and use the membership.
  3. With any purchase, customers are entitled to apply for a membership.
  4. Applications are free and no renewal is needed.
  5. No membership card will be issued.  Communications with members will be via SMS and email.
  6. All members will be issued with a membership ID.  This membership ID will enable members to log in to the member’s page via http://www.myjewelclub.com to update their personal details, points checking, online redemption and more.  The membership ID will be sent to members via SMS.
  7. In the event that our members have forgotten their membership IDs, kindly email us at crm@myjewelclub.com to retrieve your membership IDs.  Alternatively, you can walk into any of our outlets to get the assistance.
  8. The membership ID is strictly not transferable.
  9. The JEWEL CLUB reserves the right to decline the issuance of membership or terminate the membership as and when necessary without prior notice.
  10. Points will be accumulated for 2 years from date of transactions.Members are required to regular self-update on points balance .Points prior expired will be indicated on sales invoice or alternatively log on to member's page via http://www.myjewelclub.com for points details.Points which are not redeemed after the expired period of 2 years will be axed. Strictly no appeal of points expired to be reinstate will be allowed.No carry forward of points will be entertained.The Jewel Club shall not be liable for points expired without redemption.
  11. Members must provide their membership IDs to the cashier before every transaction to ensure that spending amount is recorded and accumulated.  Failure will mean that amounts spent will not be taken into account for collection of points and redemption. 
  12. The JEWEL CLUB reserves the right to refuse the redemption of any reward if the JEWEL CLUB has any reason to suspect that points were fraudulently accumulated by the members or wrongly recorded.
  13. The JEWEL CLUB reserves the right to deduct the balance of a member’s points accumulation in the event that:
    1. Any point is suspected of being fraudulently recorded;
    2. Any point is recorded in error; and
    3. Any point relates to transaction which has been cancelled or where a refund has been given.
  14. Collection of points – Members will need to provide his/her membership number.  In case a member forgets his/her membership number, mobile number & name will be used to verify his/her membership validity.
  15. Redemption of points – Members will need to provide his/her membership number.  In case a customer forgets his/her membership number, identification card, mobile number & name will be used to verify his/her membership validity.
  16. Gifts must be collected within 3 months after which the gift will be cancelled. Members can choose to pick the gift at their preferred outlet.  The gift can only be issued at HQ and sent to the outlets.  Thus, a maximum of 14 working days are needed to prepare the gift.
  17. The JEWEL CLUB reserves the right to suspend or terminate the programme at any time it deems necessary.  In such a case, the JEWEL CLUB shall give advance notice to members in the manner the JEWEL CLUB deems appropriate.
  18. By signing up, you have also agreed to receive all promotional updates from the JEWEL CLUB via email and/ or SMS.
  19. The JEWEL CLUB reserves the right to omit or amend any Terms & Conditions without prior notice to the members.  Any new or amended Terms & Conditions will override the existing Terms & Conditions.


Terms & Conditions of Redemption

Only Member with sufficient Points is eligible to redeem, and he/she may do so using the various redemption methods implemented by the JEWEL CLUB.  Redemption orders once accepted by the JEWEL CLUB cannot be revoked, cancelled, returned or exchanged, and the affected Points will not be reinstated.  If redemption channels are specified for a Gift item, the JEWEL CLUB reserves the right to decline redemptions made through any other channels without any notification.  The JEWEL CLUB gives no representation or warranty with respect to any products and/or services featured in the Gifts Catalogue or other channels of redemption.  In particular, the JEWEL CLUB gives no warranty with respect to the quality of the Gifts or their suitability for any purpose.

Certain Gifts, which are in the form of certificates/vouchers, are valid for use only at participating outlets as mentioned on the certificates/vouchers and only for the specific matters mentioned therein. The certificates/vouchers are valid for use until the date specified and subject to the Terms and Conditions (which includes booking requirements, cancellation restrictions, warranties and limitations of liability) therein.  If certificates/vouchers remain unused after date specified, the certificates/vouchers will lapse and will not be replaced.  Issuance of voucher does not constitute a reservation. The entitled Member is responsible for notifying and making all reservations.  Only the member is allowed to use the certificates/ vouchers.  No representatives are allowed as verification via NRIC is needed.  The JEWEL CLUB does not accept liability whatsoever (including negligence) with respect to the Gifts supplied. For general Terms and Conditions on certificates/vouchers, please refer to Voucher Terms for more information.


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